Retekess Tour Guide System

Wireless Tour guide system

Application Scenarios: The wireless tour guide system has an excellent performance in the tourism industry and is perfect for tour groups, multi-person walking tours, museum visits, zoos, brewery tours, factory tours, and cruise tours.

Industry Problems Solved: Tour guides usually face two more difficult problems when providing explanation services for tourists. The first is distance. Due to the different range of tourists to their side during the process of leading the group, the farther the distance between the two is, the quieter the sound will be. Second, the interference of the surrounding environment. Especially outdoors, when there are many people in the scenic spot, the noisy sound also increases, which causes the tour guide to increase the volume or even shout. The emergence of the group tour system has solved these problems. The tour guide transmitter and receiver can smoothly transmit the normal voice of the leader to the listeners, and the tourist can adjust the volume through headphones to improve the travel itinerary.

Benefits: First of all, the speaker can speak comfortably, spend more energy on the content, and provide more detailed and vivid explanations. Secondly, even if the tourists are behind the tour group, as long as they wear earpieces, they can clearly hear clear voices and get a good service experience. Finally, keep the trip going smoothly, impress your visitors, and expand your brand.

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