TT112 Tour Guide System for Wireless Conference With 8 TT111 Receivers

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UHF technology, stable signal, clear sound quality

Communication distance up to 200 meters (open area)

36 channels can be selected, Support multiple teams in the same region

Transmitter with lanyard, light and wireless, free hands

Earhook receiver, universal for left and right, comfortable to wear

Retekess TT112 tour guide system for wireless conference consists of TT112 transmitter with lavalier microphone and TT111 ear hook receiver. It is lightweight and wireless, allowing the presenter to free up his hands. The earpiece is not plugged into the ear, is comfortable to wear, and can be used left and right. It is very suitable for corporate meetings, silent meetings, and other indoor communication activities.


TT112 wireless transmitter for tour guide system:

Transmitter includes LCD screen, a soft antenna, and 3 operation buttons. The display screen shows the channel number, signal and battrey power, the soft antenna increases the signal reception ability, and the button response is fast and sensitive. With lanyard, and lavalier microphone, free hands. Features are as follows:


Long work time

Built-in 3.7V/1900mA battery, fully charged in 5 hours, working time 10 hours. Whether it is a small meeting or a large conference held by multiple companies, there is no need to recharge in the middle to ensure the smooth holding of the event.

Easy to set up and simple to operate

1. One key to turn on and off. Press and hold the M key (about 1 second) to power on.

2. One-key mute function. When the transmitter is working normally, short press the mute button only. At this time, the antenna icon on the screen changes to the mute icon, and the receiver cannot hear the speech. Short press the mute button again to resume the speech, and the mute icon Changes to the antenna icon and the receiver can hear the speech again.


3. One key to close. In the normal working mode, press and hold the left key (about 5 seconds) until the receiver light flashes, the icon on the transmitter screen changes, and the transmitter forcibly closes all connected receivers. Note: At this time, the transmitter can short press any key to exit or long press the M key to shut down.


In addition, one-click matching to all receivers is also supported. Let you no longer worry about the complexity of the operation, you can use it with a simple understanding, which is very convenient.

Ear hanging receiver for the audio guide system:

Receiver includes adjustable ear hooks, non-in-ear earpiece, 3 buttons and 1 indicator light. Clean and hygienic, very comfortable, use left and right interchangeably to reduce hearing fatigue. Features are as follows:


Great battery life

Built-in 3.7V/520mA battery, charging for 2 hours, service life 8-9 hours.

Adjustable volume

When the receiver and the transmitter are successfully connected, press the plus key and minus key to adjust the volume, and press and hold the volume key to continuously adjust. A variety of sound levels, choose the most suitable volume for you. Protect the ears from damage, and can also help the hearing-impaired to hear more clearly.

Flashing light

After the receiver receives the signal from the transmitter, the indicator light of the receiver will flash once every 2.5 seconds. If the receiver can not or the channels of the receiver and transmitter are inconsistent, the indicator light of the receiver will flash quickly Move, flash once every 0.5 seconds, flash 5 times in a row and pause.

Automatic pairing

There is a transmitter nearby (within about 2 meters) that is in wireless frequency pairing mode, and the channel of the receiver will automatically match the channel of the transmitter (at this time, the receiver's display light will be on, wait for the transmitter to exit wireless frequency pairing mode) , the display light of the receiver will flash once every 2.5 seconds, the frequency pairing is successful)


Battery reminder

When the receiver is turned on by pressing the power button, the red and blue indicator lights will flash at the same time, 5 flashes means the battery is full, and 4 flashes means the battery is only 80%, 1 flash means the battery is only 20%.

In addition, tour guide system for wireless conference is lightweight and portable. A single transmitter 128.6g, receiver 38.6g, very light!

Application scenarios of tour guide systems:

The tour guide system for wireless conferences is also suitable for tour groups, simultaneous interpretation, church sermons, VIP reception, wireless training, teaching training, factory visits, engineering explanations, product exhibitions, round table meetings, special forums, and temple explanations.


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TT112 Wireless Transmitter
Frequency Range  863-865mhz (European) Charge time 5H
ID Number 36(European) Working time 10H
Supply Voltage DC3.7V Battery specification 3.7V/1900mA
Transmitting power ≦50mW Charge Jack MINI USB
Frequency stability ±0.001﹪ Modulation frequency deviation ±320KHz
SNR 90dB Working current 320mA
Size 150*65*15mm Communication range 200m (open air)
Weight 128.6g Charging voltage DC5V
TT111 Wireless Receiver
Frequency Range  863-865mhz (European) Working time 8-9H
ID Number 36(European) Battery Specification 3.7V/520mA
Supply Voltage DC3.7V Charge Jack MINI USB
TIS -90dBm Modulation frequency deviation ±Working 320KHz
Frequency stability ±0.001﹪ Working current 68mA
SNR 80dB Standby current 1mA
Size 60*48*20mm Charging current 320mA
Weight 38.6g Communication range 200m (open air)
Charge time 2H Charging voltage DC5V

Package Include:

TT112 Wireless Transmitter x1

Wireded microphone x1

Lanyard x1

TT111 Wireless Receiver x8

USB Cable x9

User Manual x1

Note: The number of receiver and USB cable depends on the quantity you choose.

Q: Do you have a charging cable?

A: Both the TT112 transmitter and TT111 receiver have a mini version of the USB charging cable, but the adapter is not included and needs to be used with a 5V adapter.

Q: How far is the actual communication distance?

A: In our offline actual test, the open area is as high as 280 meters, so 200 meters is actually an conservative data. It adopts UHF technology, which has a strong ability to penetrate walls and ensures an ultra-long communication range.

Q: How to see if it is fully charged?

A: When the TT112 transmitter is fully charged, the charge bars on the display are all white, and it takes about 5 hours. When the TT111 receiver is charging, the indicator light is red, and the fully charged state is blue.

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