Retekess Simultaneous Interpretation System

Simultaneous Interpretation System

Application Scenarios: Simultaneous interpretation systems are mainly used in activities that require on-site translation, such as church translation, courts, international conferences, international arbitration, foreign affairs, meetings and negotiations, business activities, news media, and television broadcasting.

Industry Problems Solved: In a large or international event, most of the people participating in the event come from different countries and have different cultural backgrounds, one of which is language differences. Due to the different languages that individuals are familiar with, translators are needed. With the portable translation equipment, the presenter and all those who provide translations in different languages use one channel, and each translator and the corresponding audience use another same channel, thus breaking the language barrier and ensuring that all participants can Understand what the speaker is saying.

Benefits: First, make sure the speech from the speaker goes smoothly without interruption. Secondly, listeners can understand every sentence as long as they adjust the channel to the corresponding language channel. Finally, let the whole event end perfectly.

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