Warranty & Return

Thank you for choosing Retekess! We have established a strict system to ensure product quality in a responsible manner. These products are safe and reliable, and you can buy them with confidence. Should you have any issues, feel free to contact us by phone at +86-15639073051 or email at info@retekess.com. Our professional customer support team will patiently help you resolve the problems. We sincerely apologize in advance for any trouble and inconvenience that caused you.

  • Scope of Application:

    Please note that the policy is only for the orders that are purchased from Retekess official website www.retekesstourguidesystem.com. If your Retekess products are bought from other platforms, you need to contact the seller directly from your order detail page.

    Please check carefully to make sure the complete quantity and there is no damage after you open the package.

  • Supporting Return:

    We provide 30 days with no reason to return. Please ensure all the products are in the original condition and provide us with relevant certificates (pictures or videos).

    1. Receive the wrong items or the products have quality problems.
    2. Not satisfied with the products within 30 days after you receiving them.

  • Returns are not supported in the following cases:

    1. Due to improper use or other personal reasons, resulting in problems or damage to the products. In this case, you can contact us about the maintenance to minimize your losses.
    2. You have received them for more than 30 days.

  • Reissue product:

    1. If the package is missing products or gifts, such as manuals, accessories, etc., please contact our staff for reissue.
    2. If the product is damaged during transportation, not due to human reasons, you can also contact us to provide proof and complete the return process. After we verify the return products, we will reissue you a new one.

    Note: We do not accept any direct return without communication. All returns must obtain their Return Authorization Code and the corresponding return address provided by us. When you return the product, please email us with the return tracking number so that we can handle the returns and issue the refund for you in time.
  • Thanks for your trust in Retekess and the information you offered, we will reply seriously. Please wait patiently.

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