Retekess TR506 Portable FM Transmitter and TR101 Headphone Receiver for Interpretation and Training

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With four levels of RF power, up to 400 meters

With ten levels of adjustable volume

Lightweight transmitter for easy portability

High fidelity stereo playback

PLL technology

One-to-many mode

One FM transmitter corresponds to multiple earphone receivers, suitable for simultaneous interpretation, church or school broadcasts, command training.

PLL technology

The portable FM transmitter uses PLL digital technology to stabilize the signal, output the original sound and reduce the noise.

Long launch range

Under different RF power, the emission range is different, and the maximum distance can be up to 400 meters in the open air. Listeners can move freely within 400 meters of the FM transmitter.

Small and lightweight

The FM radio transmitter weighs approximately 67 grams, so it is very convenient and labor-saving when changing training locations or changing translation locations.

LED display

The transmitter's display is bright. Even people with low vision can clearly see the information displayed on the screen in a dim environment.

Hi-Fi Stereo

Supports connecting a microphone or audio device to play music, it can convert audio signals from various portable audio and video players such as Discman, MD, MP3 (including Apple iPod) to high-fidelity wireless FM stereo signals.

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TR506 FM Transmitter

Power supply

BL-5C Li-ion Battery 3.7V 1000mAh

Frequency stability


Stepped - Frequency


Charging time

About 5 hours

charging voltage


Stray and Harmonic Radiation


Audio distortion


Input level

≤-15 dBV

Modulation frequency offset



≥60 dB

Host Size

82*60*22mm (No salient part)

Machine weight

About 67 grams (without batteries)

FM antenna

Anti-screw direction

Car charger

With IC protection

Lavaliere microphone

Stereo,gold plating,1.2meters with shielding function

Audio cable

3.5 male to male

USB cable

USB to T port (MINI)

TR101 Headphone FM Radio Receiver



Signal to noise ratio


Stereo degree of separation





187g / 0.4lb

Power supply

2 x AA batteries (not included)

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