TT112 Guiding Group Tour Guide System With 32 Port Charging Case

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Ear-hook headphones, clean and hygienic, not be plugged into the ear

Wireless portable transmitter for more freedom of hands

Support one-button mute or turn off all receivers, improving efficiency

Working time: 10 hours for the transmitter, 8-9 hours for the receiver

Lightweight and portable, easy to store, aluminum alloy charging box, durable

The TT112 guiding group tour guide system includes 2 wireless transmitters, 15 ear-hook receivers, and a 32-port charging box, using UHF technology, long-distance communication up to 200 meters, crystal-like sound quality, and very suitable for tour groups, museums Presentations, outdoor training, company meetings, and other activities.


Wireless portable transmitter

The transmitter works with a lavalier microphone and a lanyard, lightweight and wireless. Placed on the chest, always pay attention to prevent loss. The most important thing is to free your hands, the tour guide can give full play to his speech and better serve the tourists.


Ear-hook wireless Receiver

Only 1 earpiece is needed, and both left and right ears can be used by adjusting the ear hook. On the one hand, it saves the cost of using two, and on the other hand, replacing them alternately can reduce the hearing fatigue of tourists and protect the ears. In addition, listening to one ear can also pay attention to the surrounding situation at any time and pay attention to self-protection.


Supports 100 channels, unlimited number of receivers

Turn on the transmitter, you can choose any channel from 001-100, up to 100 tour groups can be accommodated in the same area, and will not be interfered with by the signal and will not affect each other. The transmitter can be matched with multiple receivers. Within the same group, within 200 meters, the number of tourists wearing wireless earphone receivers can be increased.


Clear sound with adjustable volume

The guiding group tour guide system uses UHF technology, which has a strong ability to pass through walls and a clear sound. In addition, the most suitable volume can be adjusted according to the environment in which it is located. High volume is more helpful for people with poor hearing, and the elderly will benefit more.

One-click function

Through the transmitter, you can match or automatically match all receivers with one button, and you can also mute or turn off all headphones with one button. Easy to set up, simple to operate, fast and quick, save time and improve efficiency.


Battery durable

The working time of the transmitter can reach 10 hours, and the built-in 3.7V/1900mA durable battery can be fully charged in 5 hours. The working time of the receiver is 8-9 hours, the battery capacity is 3.7V/520mA, and it only takes 2 hours to charge. For tour guides, it can be used for one or two days at a time, after all, not all the time needs to use the equipment.

Lightweight and portable

The single weight of the transmitter is 128.6g, and the single weight of the earpiece is 38.6g, which is convenient for storage. Charging case, made of aluminum alloy, durable, fireproof, weighing 2.35kg, ready for charging service.


Application scenarios of the guiding group tour guide system:

The application of the tour guide system is very extensive. In addition to the tourism industry, it is also very suitable for university education, company meetings or silent meetings, church translation, and factory visits. In short, for any activity that needs to reduce noise pollution and requires long-distance communication, chooses a guided tour system, all problems are not a problem.


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TT112 Wireless Transmitter
Frequency Range  902-928mhz(American) Charge time 5H
ID Number 100(American) Working time 10H
Supply Voltage DC3.7V Battery specification 3.7V/1900mA
Transmitting power ≦50mW Charge Jack MINI USB
Frequency stability ±0.001﹪ Modulation frequency deviation ±320KHz
SNR 90dB Working current 320mA
Size 150*65*15mm Communication range 200m (open air)
Weight 128.6g Charging voltage DC5V
TT111 Wireless Receiver
Frequency Range 902-928mhz(American) Working time 8-9H
ID Number 100(American) Battery Specification 3.7V/520mA
Supply Voltage DC3.7V Charge Jack MINI USB
TIS -90dBm Modulation frequency deviation ±Working 320KHz
Frequency stability ±0.001﹪ Working current 68mA
SNR 80dB Standby current 1mA
Size 60*48*20mm Charging current 320mA
Weight 38.6g Communication range 200m (open air)
Charge time 2H Charging voltage DC5V

TT005 32 Port Charging Case


AC110-220V, 50/60Hz


DC 5V, 7A


310 x285 x 140mm



Package Include:

TT112 Wireless Transmitter x2

Wireded microphone x2

Lanyard x2

TT111 Wireless Receiver x30

USB Cable x32

User Manual x1

32 slot charging base x1

Charging cable x1

Q: How to charge the device?

A: There are two charging methods. First, you can choose a USB charging cable for single charging, or use the TT002 16-port charging base (additional purchase is required). In addition, you can also choose a 32-port charging case.

Q: Can automatically match all receivers?

A: Automatic matching is supported. There is a transmitter nearby (within about 2 meters) that is in wireless frequency pairing mode, and the channel of the receiver will automatically match the channel of the transmitter (at this time, the receiver's display light will be on, wait for the transmitter to exit wireless frequency pairing mode) , the display light of the receiver will flash once every 2.5 seconds, the frequency pairing is successful)

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