TT109 Long Range Tour Guide System With Charging Base And Carry Case

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180 meters long range tour guide system

Open-air transmission distance up to 180 meters

One-click pairing of all receiver channels

2.4GHz Frequency, free use in the world

Transmitter with headset speaker, comfortable use

Pocket size and light weight, easy to carry

TT109 is a long-range tour guide system. Especially for large groups, you don’t need to worry about the signal issue. Many people use it for haji, a very large group of people.


One transmitter support as many receivers as you need

50 channels

so you can use many transmitters at the same location, only keep them in different channels

Volume adjustment

both transmitter and receiver and adjust the volume

One key to pair with all the receivers

One time to pair all the receivers,

Long working time

It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge and 8 hours to use the transmitter after full charge, 18 hours to use the receivers.

Long working device

180 meters long-range device, it is the longest one in the one-way tour guide system

Charging ports

16 ports to charge 16 devices one time

Carry case

48 ports carry case, you can put the accessories in it as well

Tour guide system applications

Tour guide systems are widely used in tourism, factory tour, church translation, education, training, museum, Hajj, Umrah, etc.

tour guide system for pilgrimage

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Frequency range 2400-2480MHz
Channel 50 channels
Output power 10mW
Power supply Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery
Working time About 8 hours
Working distance 180 meters (open air)
Size 86 x 50 x 19mm
Weight 60g
Frequency range 2400-2480MHz
Channel 50 channels
Power supply Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery
Working time About 18 hours
Size 86 x 50 x 19mm
Weight 51g
  • Carry Bag:
  • Material: Nylon cloth wrapped with EVA
  • Size: 370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch
  • Weight:1890g

Q: Can I put my accessories in the Bag?

A: Yes, there is a net bag in the bag, so you can put all the accessories there.

Q: Is there an extra charger base for this system?

A: Yes, we have both charging bases and charging cases. You can check here.

Q: Can I use different transmitters in the same location?

A: Yes, you only keep them in the different channels will be fine.

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