Interpretation System for Court Interpreters

Interpretation System for Court Interpreters

Interpretation System for Court Interpreters

Why use an interpretation system?

Where court participants consist of persons who speak multiple languages, the use of interpretation equipment is the most effective way for interpreters to convey the presenter's message to the audience in their native language. In legal proceedings such as court hearings, trials, mediations, depositions, examinations under oath, etc., court interpreters are well equipped to perform this task with the help of technology.

What is an interpreter system?

A simultaneous interpretation system consists of a receiver with a microphone and a receiver with headphones. The interpreter listens to the presenter's voice through the receiver and then transmits the translated language to the courtroom audience through the transmitter.

Portable interpretation equipment is varied and available at a wide range of prices. Before browsing online for the system that best suits your needs, check the plan for using the equipment: the number of people in the audience, the number of languages required, and the size and layout of the venue.

Affordable courtroom interpretation solutions

Retekess has been producing durable and affordable interpretation systems for 14 years, and in that time we have been providing reliable solutions for courtroom interpreting, church interpreting, and multilingual conferences.

The following two models are hot-selling interpretation systems, and rest assured that they come with FCC certification, 2-year warranties, and lifetime technical support.

T130 translation system for court

  • Competitively priced and cost-effective
  • Portable and lightweight, with a carrying case for easy portability
  • PLL (Phase Locked Loop)technology  stabilizes the signal and reduces noise
  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery
  • Automatic channel pairing of transmitter and receiver
  • Hand-free design, freeing the hands of interpreters and listeners
  • The transmitter can work with any number of receivers and supports adding or reducing receivers at will
  • 99 channels, allowing the creation of 99 different language interpretation groups in the same area
  • retekess-interpretation-equipment-for-court

TT122 simultaneous interpretation equipment

  • 2.4Ghz frequency band transmission, free and universal worldwide
  • The communication range of the transmitter and receiver is up to 492ft/150m
  • Transmitter with one-touch mute function, when mute is turned on, the courtroom audience cannot hear any sound from the transmitter
  • One touch to turn off all receivers
  • Automatic channel pairing between transmitter and receiver
  • The wireless receiver supports free volume adjustment
  • 12 hours of operation for the transmitter and 18 hours of operation for the receiver

When courtroom participants wear comfortable headphones connected to a small portable receiver, the perfect translation allows them to fully participate as if there were no language barrier.

If you are interested in any product or have questions, please email us at Our professional customer service team will be at your service wholeheartedly.

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