Portable Interpretation Equipment

Portable Interpretation Equipment

Portable Interpretation Equipment

If you have listeners who do not understand the language of your meetings, a translation or interpreting equipment system will help you bridge the language barrier.

You will need someone to act as the interpreter. Our interpretation equipment will allow the interpreter's voice to reach those who need to hear it, while minimizing the disturbance to those who don't need it.

The interpreters position themselves on the outskirts of the room to offer explanations, carry a compact transmitter, and listen attentively to the meeting's discourse while interpreting the results into a microphone.

People who have multiple voices at the meeting. Each speech requires a separate transmitter. But the presentation system can be one-to-many or many-to-many. All each team needs is an extra interpreter and a transmitter.

As it is a conference venue, there is no soundproof room for each representative team. But interpreters can speak normally, even if multiple interpreters do not have to worry about the audience hearing the sound when explaining. With PLL noise reduction technology, listeners can listen to the same sound quality.

How does interpretation equipment work?

The speaker/lecturer/pastor/presenter transmits the message using the microphone facing the transmitter, the interpreter puts on the earphones of the receiver to listen to the original message, translates the original message into the target language, and is responsible for sending the translated message A receiver for listeners. They have a transmitter for listening to the original language and a receiver for delivering the translated language to the listener. Listeners wear receivers to listen to the interpreted information, and they can also adjust the volume according to their own hearing conditions and environment.

This process allows for smooth and synchronized communication between speakers of different languages.


Translation devices can help in multilingual scenarios by providing a means of effective communication between individuals who speak different languages. This technology can be used in international conferences, business meetings, legal proceedings, church translations, and classrooms.

  1. Churches: church translation equipment can help churches to provide real-time interpretation of sermons and religious services in different languages, thereby enabling individuals who are non-native speakers to follow and participate in the services effectively.

  1. Multilingual conferences: Interpreting equipment can help multilingual conferences to provide simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages, enabling people from different linguistic backgrounds to participate and engage in discussions.


  1. Courtrooms: Interpretation equipment can help in courtrooms where interpreters are required to translate legal proceedings into different languages. Interpreting equipment like headsets, microphones, and speakers can enable the interpreter to hear the speaker and deliver translations in real time to the audience.


  1. Schools: simultaneous translation devices can help schools to provide real-time interpretation in different languages, enabling students who are non-native speakers to participate in classes effectively. This helps to ensure equal access to education for all students, regardless of their language backgrounds.

If you are looking for portable interpreting equipment, Retekess must be your best choice, we are known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Feel free to email support@retekess.com with any questions or needs.

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