FAQs about Retekess Tour Guide Device

FAQs about Retekess Tour Guide Device

FAQs about Retekess Tour Guide Device

  1. What is a tour guide device, and why should I invest in it?

A tour guide system is a wireless communication solution used for enhancing communication between tour guides and visitors. It ensures clear and uninterrupted audio transmission, allowing visitors to hear every word of the guide's commentary, even in crowded or noisy environments. Investing in a wireless tour guide system will significantly improve the overall tour experience by providing crystal-clear audio and enabling visitors to remain engaged and informed throughout the tour.


  1. How does the tour guide system work?

A tour guide system consists mainly of a transmitter and a number of receivers. The tour guide wears the transmitter, enabling the tour guide to speak into the transmitter's microphone and transmit the audio clearly. Tourists receive the transmitted audio through headphones attached to the portable receivers, enabling them to easily hear the guide's instructions and comments.


  1. Are the Retekess tour guide systems equipped with a microphone and headset?

Yes, the Retekess tour guide systems come with a microphone, headset, and lanyard, so there is no need to purchase additional accessories. We offer a choice of headset microphones, lavalier microphones, D-type single headsets, ear hook headsets, and disposable headsets.


  1. Can the tour guide radio system be used in different environments?

Yes, the tour guide speaker system is designed to be used in a variety of environments, both indoor and outdoor. With reliable signal transmission and strong through-wall capability, the TT116 tour guide solution ensures stable communication in a variety of conditions, whether it's a museum, historical site, theme park, or city tour.


  1. Do you provide technical support after purchasing your tourguidesystem?

Absolutely! We offer full technical support to our customers. Any questions about the operation and maintenance of our tour guide systems can be answered at any time by our professional support team.


  1. Can the tour guide whisper system accommodate different group sizes?

Absolutely! Transmitters can be connected to any number of receivers and used together, meaning you can increase or decrease the number of receivers depending on the size of your participants. Whether you have a small private tour or a large group, our system can be adapted accordingly to ensure that everyone in the group is accommodated.


  1. Are the tour group headsets portable and easy to set up?

Our tour guide headset system is designed to be lightweight and compact making it easy for tour guides to carry and set up anywhere. It requires no technical or specialized knowledge and can be set up in minutes. The simplicity of our system ensures that guides can focus more on delivering an exceptional tour experience and less on struggling with complicated equipment.


  1. Can a group support multiple tour guides speaking?

Our TT106 tour guide equipment and TT105 tour guide device support two tour guides speaking at the same time in the same group. The TT106 does not support two tour guides speaking in both directions, and the TT105 supports two tour guides speaking in both directions, so you can choose according to your actual needs.


  1. How long do the batteries in the tour guide audio systems last?

The battery life of Retekess tour guide systems varies depending on the specific model and usage. If the duration of work is a factor that matters to you, I recommend the TT125 tour guide audio system, where the receiver can operate continuously for 80-100 hours. Alternatively, you can choose the TT116 tour guide equipment, which comes with replaceable batteries that can be replaced when the battery runs out and you can continue to use it.


  1. Can I customize my guide tour system with our logo or branding?

Yes, of course! We offer customization options, including branding with your logo or company name on the device, as well as custom lanyard colors and patterns to help you project a professional image and promote your brand.

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