Visit Pisa with the Retekess Whisper System

Visit Pisa with the Retekess Whisper System

Visit Pisa with the Retekess Whisper System

Italy's travel agency Discovery Pizza has recently purchased our Retekess TT109 whisper system for tours to provide guided tours for tourists. We're happy to hear their feedback, the following is the sharing of the tour guide Andrea:

In Pisa's beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli, I made use of the TT109 wireless tour guide system offered by Retekess, which proved extremely helpful in guiding a group of tourists during this exciting visit. In addition, the system facilitated communication and kept the group together during the tour.

This device enables each tour guide to speak to the tour group without straining their voice and ensures the tour group can hear every word. Each tour guide is issued with a wireless transmitter and lightweight headband microphone. Visitors are issued with a wireless receiver and single earphone, allowing the user to hear the tour guide as well as the surrounding sounds. Each device is supplied with a lanyard for hands-free use.

During our visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the TT109 whisper wireless tour guide system allowed us to explain easily the history of the Tower and why this amazing architectural structure keeps tilting in one direction. The system also allowed us to explain the renovation process that the tower has undergone over the years and what has been done to ensure its stability. This was a very important part of the visit, and the tourists were very happy to have this detailed information.

Pisa Cathedral, one of the largest churches in Italy, was another important stop during our guided tour. Thanks to the Retekess whisper system for tours, we were able to give our tourists an in-depth explanation of the church's history, its paintings, and its architectural style. In this way, tourists could feel that they were fully immersed in Italian culture, not only admiring it from afar but becoming part of its history and traditions.

Having walked through the monuments, the tourists were thrilled with the tour guide system made their visit truly extraordinary. It was an enjoyable, informative, and fascinating trip, thanks to the use of this state-of-the-art technological system.

If you want to improve your customer service and grow your business with the high-quality whisper system, please contact us and our professional team is at your service.

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