How to Choose a Church Translation Equipment?

How to Choose a Church Translation Equipment?

How to Choose a Church Translation Equipment?

Growing a strong community in your church, synagogue, or mosque is not an easy task, especially with a diverse congregation that speaks different languages.

Do you want to provide multilingual services to your congregation? Do you know how to choose the best equipment for church translation? The following will give you the answer.

How church translation equipment works

It's simple, the pastor speaks into the microphone of the transmitter, the interpreter listens to the pastor's words through the receiver, then translates it into a language the congregation understands and delivers it through the transmitter to the appropriate congregation, who listens to the sermon through the receiver, and they can adjust the volume control to a comfortable level.

In other words, the interpreter needs to take both the transmitter (which is on the same channel as the congregation's receiver) and the receiver (which is synchronized with the channel of the pastor's transmitter) and receive the pastor's language with the receiver while transmitting the translated content to the congregation with the transmitter.

In many cases, not only is there only one language different from the pastor's, but congregations from all over the world may have 3-4 languages different from the pastor's, and then 3 - 4 translators are needed. Depending on the language, the congregation is divided into several different groups, and one interpreter is responsible for one group. The interpreter can be a professional or a volunteer from your community, and he or she needs to master both the language of the pastor and the language of the congregation he or she is responsible for.


Elements to consider before buying church translation system

How long does it take to cover the distance between the pastor, interpreter, and congregation? How many people will receive translation services? -- This determines the distance you need the translation equipment to work

How many languages will need to be translated? -- this determines the number of channels you need and the number of receivers

If there is more than one language to be translated, how many receivers per group are needed? ---This determines the number of receivers

Retekess' recommendations

The T130 simultaneous translation device and the TT122 church translation device are two of the most popular translation systems with customers, and they have helped countless churches with their language translation services for over 14 years.

If you can take some time to look at the reasons why I recommend the Retekess church translation device, I am sure you will like it.

  1. Using noise reduction technology to ensure superior sound quality, members can focus more on the pastor's content without being distracted by static or noise in the headphones.
  2. Easy to use, no need to spend time learning, the elderly can easily operate.
  3. The receiver's headphones are hooked earphones, not into the ear, more clean and hygienic, and there is a matching disposable earpiece sponge cover.
  4. High cost-effective, with the same price, our quality is better, with the same quality, our price is lower.

Retekess church translation system will enable your congregation to attend services in their own language in real-time, enhancing their participation and overall experience, thus attracting more members. Before you decide to purchase anywhere else, contact us for the best offer.

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