TT124 Two way Communication System in Promotion

TT124 Two way Communication System in Promotion

TT124 Two way Communication System in Promotion

The two-way feature of the TT124 two way communication system enhances the experience of the guided person as they can interact with the guide by asking questions during the tour.

Advantages of the TT124 two-way communication system

One-way and two-way switchable

To ensure that the tour runs smoothly and ends on time, the guide needs to have control over the tour activities. When the presenter wants the listener to be more focused on what he is saying, and he does not want to be interrupted by questions or other sounds from the listener, then he can use the one-way transmission mode, when the visitor cannot transmit sound, but only listen. When the interactive session comes, the guide can switch to two-way mode, and then both parties can easily interact. The guide can switch different modes according to the needs of different sessions.

tt124 2 way tour guide system

Portable hands-free tour guide system

The TT124 two-way tour guide audio system is lightweight and compact, its size is smaller than the palm of an adult male, only 72g, very easy to carry. Carrying a complete set of devices and accessories is easier and more convenient if you have the corresponding 28-port charging case. The 2-way guide system has a clip on the back that you can attach to your belt or pocket, or you can use the included lanyard to hang it around your neck to free up your hands, which also prevents the device from falling.

Other advantages include:

  • Tour guide headset system transmits up to 280 meters (tall obstacles in the area of use can have an impact on the transmitting distance), so you can cover enough visitors and not have to worry about people at the back of the line being left behind.
  • All the setup is simple, you just need to adjust the transmitter and receiver to the same channel and plug in the microphone headset, users do not need any experience and do not need to spend a lot of time learning.
  • The sound of the wireless two-way tour guide system is crystal clear. Thanks to UHF transmission, the TT124 two-way tour guide system is resistant to interference and has a more stable signal, minimizing noise and allowing your group to enjoy unparalleled sound clarity.
  • The volume adjustment function allows even the hearing impaired to find the right listening volume.
  • TT124 two-way communication system with a locking function, even if visitors are walking, or have a large physical movement, they do not have to worry about accidentally touching the button and affecting the normal progress of the tour.
  • The large LED display is easy to read and shows information such as battery level, channel, signal, and volume. By the way, there is a charging indicator light at the top of the screen and it turns red when charging, so you can easily understand the charging status of the device.

TT124 two-way communication system is widely used in factory tours, tour groups, training and teaching, and conferences. In fact, it performs well in all situations where communication is limited due to distance and noise.

Now, to let more customers know about this affordable product, the price of TT124 is reduced by 10%. the special promotion will end after October 20, so if you are interested in it, don't miss such a bargain price.

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