Audio Guide Device for Outdoor Teaching and School Visits

Audio Guide Device for Outdoor Teaching and School Visits

Audio Guide Device for Outdoor Teaching and School Visits

Audio guide device is becoming an increasingly popular tool in schools, and it is widely used for instructor-led outdoor courses, or school hikes.

Retekess audio guide device for higher education

Outdoor instruction can teach what cannot be learned in a traditional classroom setting, and environment-specific instruction is becoming a more common choice.

Outdoor environments are noisier and students and instructors are farther apart. In such a situation, do your students have difficulty hearing the instructor due to the noisy environment, distractions or distance from the instructor? Walking tour audio system allows instructors to easily deliver every word clearly to students at normal low decibel volume, attracting their attention and enhancing the effectiveness of classroom teaching.

Why choose a tour guide system instead of a loudspeaker?

Wireless tour guide system can realize the function of transmitting sound information from the tour guide to the mentee, that is to say, in a large space of the venue, it is also possible to have 1 lecturer explaining and a group of students listening to the instruction.

You may think that the amplifier can also achieve this effect, but in fact, when the speaker is playing, the volume of public amplification will gradually decrease with the spread of sound waves, and students who are close will hear a loud sound like a thunder boom, which is harmful to students' ears, and students who are far away will not hear clearly.

If the instructor wants to make the sound heard by all students in the teaching area, he needs to turn up the volume of the amplifier to a high level, which will not only create noise disturbance to the surrounding environment, but also make the students' class experience or visiting experience very poor.

tour guide audio system  for school

Retekess provides an affordable whispering experience for schools

Audio guide device for outdoor teaching and school tour needs to have the following characteristics.

  1. Crystal clear sound for students to enjoy listening
  2. Long working range to cover a large enough outdoor teaching area
  3. Wireless and hand-free portable devices that allow classroom participants to move around without being constrained
  4. Free volume adjustment for all listeners including hearing impaired students
  5. Large rechargeable battery capacity allows teaching sessions to last all day

Retekess' wireless tour guide system meets all of these characteristics. Of course, if you have other needs, such as the need for two instructors to deliver information to students together in the classroom, or the need for two-way interaction between instructors and students, etc., we have the right product to satisfy you as well.

Contact us for an audio tour guide system to enhance your teaching experience!

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