The Two-Way Tour Guide System Gave Us a Sense of Presence!

The Two-Way Tour Guide System Gave Us a Sense of Presence!

The Two-Way Tour Guide System Gave Us a Sense of Presence!

In a tour group, if only the tour guide is speaking, there will be fewer and fewer tourists listening carefully. Why is this so? Because humans are advanced animals who need a sense of presence, everyone wants more attention from other people. Children are the purest. Think about it carefully, whether they cry or act like a spoiled child, they just want to attract the attention of the people around them. After the child grows up and becomes sensible, without the above-mentioned behaviors, will the desire to be noticed also disappear? Interaction is the best way to gain a sense of engagement. The two-way tour guide system, also known as the two-way communication system, gives each member of the tourist group the opportunity to speak, and communication will make the tour groups more active!

Tour Guides Need to Provide Opportunities for Tourists to Show

Let's not talk about how tiring it can be for a person to talk all the time. The trouble is that you are so hardworking, and the tourists are not necessarily listening attentively. The whole process is like a pool of stagnant water, extremely boring. What the tour guide needs to do is to mobilize the enthusiasm of tourists. For example, when it comes to famous events, they can ask tourists questions and give them opportunities to express themselves. In addition, in the process of leading the group, adding some small games, such as antiphonal songs, reciting poems that fit the situation together, etc., can well allow tourists to perform. All this, summed up, is actually to increase the interaction between team members. For this, everything will go much smoother with a 2-way tour guide system!

Retekess Two-Way Tour Guide System

The two-way tour system is composed of a transmitter, a receiver (also called a vice-transmitter), a microphone with an earpiece (for listening and speaking), and a charging case. Currently, Retekess only has a 2 way tour guide system TT124. This new product has one-way and two-way communication modes, and the tour guide can switch freely. In the two-way communication mode, what each member of the tour group says can be clearly heard by other members. The communication distance is up to 280m in open areas. In addition, there is a screen lock function, if you want to know more features, you can check TT124 Two Way Tour Guide Audio System in detail. The application of the 2-way intercom system is also included in training scenarios, such as equestrian training, factory visits, company meeting training, etc., which are key places that require interactive communication.

retekess two-way tour guide system for training and teaching

What do you think is the unique charm of the two-way tour guide system? Publishing is welcome, and show yourself! Hahaha

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