TT112 Wireless Audio Guide System on Halloween Sale

TT112 Wireless Audio Guide System on Halloween Sale

TT112 Wireless Audio Guide System on Halloween Sale

Retekess' Halloween sale is coming to an end in 5 days! If you want to provide better service and experience for your tour group, don't miss this TT112-TT111 wireless audio guide system, which is widely used for group tours, business meetings, factory tours, and teaching training. It is currently available at 30% off - the largest discount ever.

In order to give you a deeper understanding of this cost-effective tour guide system, I will elaborate on several of its main features below.


UHF transmission reduces noise and improves sound quality

This wireless tour guide system is UHF transmission, which not only has strong penetrating power, but also can resist signal interference to the greatest extent, suppress background noise, provide clear and stable sound for listeners, and restore real sound quality. Whether used for tours or meetings, the clear sound transmission allows the listener to focus more on what the speaker is saying without being distracted by noise and static in the headset.

Lightweight and portable ear hook receiver

TT111 ear hook receiver has many unique advantages.

  1. Universal use for both left and right ears.

This means that listeners can wear the receiver cross-over between the left and right ear without causing hearing fatigue from prolonged wear, and it is also suitable for visitors with hearing loss in one ear.

  1. Lightweight and pocket-sized

As you can see from the picture, it is small in size, which helps to carry and store it. In addition, even if the excursion lasts for a long time, the feather-light receiver also doesn't feel heavy and uncomfortable for the user.

  1. The ear-hook receiver with a volume adjustment button allows visitors to freely adjust to the right volume according to the surrounding environment and their hearing condition.

Long-range wireless audio guide system

TT112 transmitter and TT111 receiver working range of up to two hundred meters, which means that even if the number of visitors or tour site range is large, they do not have to crowd gathered around the speaker, and do not have to worry about the speaker farther away from the visitor can not hear his voice to listen, visitors can listen comfortably in the range of two hundred meters from the transmitter. So if you have a large group or a large tour site, the TT112 wireless audio guide system will not let you down.

One-button operation, easy to use

This wireless whisper tour guide system supports one-button mute, one-button pairing, and one-button turn-off for all receivers, these functions are not only convenient for you to use, but also will greatly improve efficiency. The operation steps of all functions are simple and you don't need to spend time learning how to set it up. Even if you encounter a problem that even the manual can't solve, you can always contact our customer service team and they will provide you with free technical support in time.

Besides, this tour guide headset system has many advantages, if you have any questions about this product or don't know how to choose the right tour guide system according to your needs, please feel free to send an email to, we have a professional customer service team for your consultation.

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