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What One Spanish Guide Said About the Retekess Tour Guide Audio System

A Spanish tour guide used the TT122 tour guide audio system for his tour group and we were pleased to receive his feedback about the product.  ...

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Application of T130S tour guide audio system

T130S tour guide audio system provides the ideal solution for wireless communication during tours, factory visits, meetings and training.  ...

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First Time Using the Wireless Audio Tour Guide System?

Before using the wireless audio tour guide system firstly, you need to check the battery level, complete pairing, adjust the volume, etc.  ...

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Cost-effective T130 Wireless Tour Guide Audio System

T130 wireless tour guide audio system is suitable for group tours and simultaneous interpretation, allowing you to spend less money and get better results.  ...

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Tourist Guide System Helps You Become Good Tour Guide

The quality of the excellent tour guides and the tourist guide system will bring the tourists an amazing travel experience.  ...

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Tour Guide Headset System for Tourism

Whether it's an indoor tour or an outdoor tour, the application of a good tour guide headset system can provide your visitors with an unforgettable experience.  ...

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How to Choose the Best Tour Guide System

The most suitable solution for your group is the best tour guide system, Retekess "tailor-made" according to your needs.  ...

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What kind of tour audio system do tourists like?

The tour audio system of the travel agency bought should make the tourists feel comfortable and convenient, thus giving them a better sightseeing experience.  ...

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Museum Audio Guide Equipment Enables Unforgettable Museum Tours

Museum audio guide equipment facilitates museum docents to introduce exhibit information to visitors and facilitates interaction.  ...

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