Retekess TT109 One-Way Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment with 40 Port Charging Case

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2.4GHz band for global use and reliable sound quality

Pocket-sized device is comfortable to put on

Outdoor communication distance of 180 meters

Easy to carry with a trolley charging case

One-button pairing of all transmitters and receivers

Large screen design is user-friendly

This translation headset system package involves 2 transmitters, 38 receivers, 1 trolley charging case capable of charging 40 pieces of equipment simultaneously, and corresponding accessories such as headphones and microphones.

Charging storage case with pulleys

The interpreter system storage box on wheels is very user-friendly, and the luggage-like design allows you to easily carry it with you.

Audio interface to connect audio devices

The transmitter's microphone jack can also be plugged into a 3.5mm audio cable, and the other end connects to external devices such as computers, MP3s, and radios. This way listeners wearing the receiver can hear the audio they play, which will make your presentation more memorable.

Long-running time

The whisper guide device requires only 2-3 hours for a full charge, the transmitter can work 8 hours and the receiver can work 18 hours on a full charge. No fear of losing power at all, even if the activity lasts for a long time.

Volume Adjustment

The transmitter with 5 levels of volume and the receiver with 10 levels of volume. Hearing-impaired people can also listen with ease and pleasure.

Low-weight tourguide system

The transmitter weighs 60 grams and the receiver weighs 51 grams. The small size and weight are not uncomfortable even when worn for long durations, and I guarantee your listeners or visitors will enjoy them.

50 channels

This means that up to 50 teams can operate in the same area. These 50 teams on different channels do not interfere with each other, and the conversations in the teams are confidential.

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Frequency range 2400-2480MHz
Channel 50 channels
Output power 10mW
Power supply Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery
Working time About 8 hours
Working distance 180 meters (open air)
Size 86 x 50 x 19mm
Weight 60g
Frequency range 2400-2480MHz
Channel 50 channels
Power supply Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery
Working time About 18 hours
Size 86 x 50 x 19mm
Weight 51g

Package Includes:

2 x transmitter

38 x receiver

2 x Microphone

38 x earpiece

40 x Charging cable

40 x Lanyard

1 x 40 ports charging case

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