Retekess TT106 Tour Guide Transmitter

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TT106 tour guide transmitter belongs to the TT106 wireless tour guide system

2.4GHz universal frequency, support 9999 channels

Only work with receivers of Retekess TT106, no limit on the quantity

Set the same channel for all receivers quickly

Close all receivers at the same time

One-touch mute, keeping the audience from hearing your voice without turning off

For voice teaching, enterprise management training, church translation, simultaneous interpretation, etc.

Retekess TT106 tour guide transmitter and corresponding receiver compose the TT106 wireless tour guide system. In practical applications, it is supported that two transmitters work simultaneously, and two guides can serve visitors together.


Retekess TT106 tour guide transmitter features

lengthy service time

With 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery. It takes only 3 hours to fully charge and 25 hours of continuous use, which is a full day.

2.4GHz and 9999 channels

Global common frequency, multi-channel allows several teams to use at the same time and area,  without interfering with each other.

Supports two transmitters (only 1 in the package)

Two speakers speak simultaneously or alternately, using multiple languages to narrate for visitors (requires the interpreter to use equipment)

Retekess TT106 tour guide transmitter functions

Matching all receivers fast

The transmitter enters channel setting mode, and the receiver that is turned on will automatically match the transmitter channel within 1 mete.

One-touch mute and shutdown

Turn off all matching receivers at once, easy to operate. No shutdown, open the silent mode, visitors can not hear the guide's voice, convenient for two people to take turns to speak.


Through the lanyard hanging around the neck, listen with headphones, compact and lightweight.

Using imported chips, sound technology processing, and clear voice quality.

Mainly used in tourism, simultaneous interpretation, church, training meetings, and other activities.

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Retekess TT106 Tour Guide Transmitter

Frequency Range


ID Number


Supply Voltage


Transmitting power


Frequency stability








Charge time


Working time


Battery specification


Charge Jack


Modulation frequency deviation


Working current


Communication range

150m (open air)

Charging voltage


Package Includes:

1 x Transmitter

1 x Microphone

1 x USB Charging cable

1 x Lanyard

1x Additional foam cover

Can the transmitter translate automatically?

Sorry, an interpreter will be required to translate for you and the Retekess TT106 tour guide transmitter will convey what they say.

How many receivers can work with one transmitter?

Lots, no quantity limit, but only with receivers of Retekess TT106 wireless tour guide system.

What is the range of wireless communication distance?

It can cover about 150 meters.

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