Retekess Wireless Training System

Wireless Training System

Application Scenarios: Wireless training systems are widely used in outdoor teaching, equestrian training, factory training, ski resorts, indoor fitness and yoga and other activities.

Industry Problems Solved: For outdoor training activities, the two-way communication system can be prioritized, mainly to overcome the problems of long distances and noisy environments. The training coach can communicate with the trainees normally, command or help the trainees in time, and avoid danger. For indoor activities, the main purpose is to ensure that students can hear clear voices. Compared with broadcast speakers, the wireless coaching system will not produce harsh humming or noise pollution, allowing students to calm down and study hard.

Benefits: First of all, the two-way tour guide system can ensure timely communication between the two parties, and the students can timely feedback on the situation, adjust in time, and reduce the risk. Secondly, the training tour system reduces the pressure on the trainer, maintains the energy and concentration of the team, and achieves the purpose of learning new skills or new knowledge.

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