TT112 Earhook Wireless Tour Guide System With 16 Port Charging Base

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Ear hanging headphones, not into the ear, clean and hygienic

Ear hook adjustable, left and right universal, relieve fatigue

Transmitter supports one key to match, mute or turn off all receivers

UHF technology, 200m communication range in open area

Can set up to 100 channels, multiple teams use at the same time

TT122 earhook wireless tour guide system includes 1 TT112 wireless transmitter, 15 TT111 earpieces receivers and 1 TT002 16-port charging base. When traveling and visiting, the tour guide system helps speakers and audiences to solve communication problems in long distances and noisy environments, allowing listeners to gain an immersive experience.


Unlimited number of receivers supported

The transmitter can be docked with an infinite number of receivers, serving more listeners and meeting the use of different mutiple groups

Clear sound at long distances

Using UHF technology, super penetration ability, stable signal reception within a range of 200 meters, while ensuring clear sound quality and ultra-high sound reproduction.


Adjustable volume

According to the keys of wireless reveivers, continuously adjust the volume until the most comfortable one appears. At the same time, it can also help hearing patients or the elderly to hear the sound from the transmitter clearly.


Long working hours

The transmitter has a built-in battery, the battery capacity is 3.7V/1900mA, the charging is 5 hours, and the service life is 10 hours. The receiver has a built-in 3.7V/520mA battery, which can be charged for 2 hours and has a service life of 8-9 hours. For outdoor activities such as tour groups or museums, the use time is enough. In addition, it supports two charging methods. You can use a USB charging cable to connect an external 5V adapter (the package does not include the adapter) to charge the receiver separately, or use a 16-port TT002 charging base.

Easy to set up and operate, feature rich

One-click matching and automatic pairing of all receivers. Simplify the difficulty of personnel operation, quickly, without delaying any speech time.

One touch to mute or turn off all receivers. The speaker can choose whether to let the audience hear his voice according to the actual situation. For example, when the speaker takes a break or drinks water, or when he leaves to go to the toilet, he can choose the silent mode. After the meeting is over, collect the receivers and turn them off with one key to improve efficiency.


Free your hands

TT112 transmitter, combined with a lanyard, and a lavalier wireless microphone, allow hands to be free.

Ear-hook headphones are shared left and right

Not be plugged into the ear, clean and hygienic, comfortable to wear. In addition, the earhook can be adjusted, and the left and right can be used alternately to relieve the hearing fatigue.


Lightweight and portable

Single transmitter 128.6g, single receiver 38.6g, lightweight and wireless, easy to carry.


In addition, the TT002 charging base has functions such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, abnormal temperature protection, electrostatic protection, short circuit protection, electromagnetic field protection, overpower protection, lightning protection and other functions.

Application scenarios of the earhook wireless tour guide system:

Tour group:

The tour guide wears a lavalier microphone, hangs the wireless transmitter on the chest, and has free hands, making the service more vivid. Tourists only need one headset, which can not only listen to the content of the  speech in a long distance and noisy environment, but also pay attention to the surrounding situation to ensure their own safety.


Company conference:

With the help of the TT112 receiver, the presenter speaks at a normal volume, and within a range of 200 meters, only listeners wearing wireless receiver headphones can hear the sound like a crystal version. Reduce noise pollution and create a good meeting environment.



The earhook wireless tour guide system is also widely used in school outdoor teaching, equestrian training, church translation, etc.

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TT112 Wireless Transmitter
Frequency Range  902-928mhz(American) Charge time 5H
ID Number 100(American) Working time 10H
Supply Voltage DC3.7V Battery specification 3.7V/1900mA
Transmitting power ≦50mW Charge Jack MINI USB
Frequency stability ±0.001﹪ Modulation frequency deviation ±320KHz
SNR 90dB Working current 320mA
Size 150*65*15mm Communication range 200m (open air)
Weight 128.6g Charging voltage DC5V
TT111 Wireless Receiver
Frequency Range 902-928mhz(American) Working time 8-9H
ID Number 100(American) Battery Specification 3.7V/520mA
Supply Voltage DC3.7V Charge Jack MINI USB
TIS -90dBm Modulation frequency deviation ±Working 320KHz
Frequency stability ±0.001﹪ Working current 68mA
SNR 80dB Standby current 1mA
Size 60*48*20mm Charging current 320mA
Weight 38.6g Communication range 200m (open air)
Charge time 2H Charging voltage DC5V

TT002 16 Port Charging Base

USB Output

DC 5V/7A

Adapter Input

AC100-240V 50/60Hz


190 x 95 x 50mm



Package Include:

TT112 Wireless Transmitter x1

Wireded microphone x1

Lanyard x1

TT111 Wireless Receiver x15

USB Cable x16

User Manual x1

1 x Charging base

1 x Adapter (please tell us which type of the plug do you need)

Q: How to charge the device?

A: There are two charging methods. First, you can choose a USB charging cable with a 5V adapter (not include) for single charging, or use the TT002 16-port charging base.

Q: How many channels are supported?

A: The US version supports up to 100 channels, and the European version supports up to 36 channels. Please choose the one that suits you best.

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