Retekess Silent Conference System

Silent Conference System

Application Scenarios: silent conference systems are widely used in activities that require multiple meetings in the same space. In addition, it is also very suitable for discotheques in entertainment venues, and family gatherings.

Industry Problems Solved: The problem solved by the silent conference system is to ensure the smooth progress of the conference held by oneself without affecting the office or conference activities of other people around. Likewise, at discos and parties, participants can have an immersive experience as long as they wear headphones, which is not generate noise pollution.

Benefits: First, save space. A venue can accommodate multiple representatives to speak or group discussions without affecting each other. The second is to improve the efficiency of meetings. Listening with headphones on, no sound spills, you can spend more time talking and engaging more in the same amount of time. Also, reduce noise pollution. Adjust to a comfortable volume so you can hear the speaker even if it's very low. Also, the whole place is quiet and doesn't disturb other activities other than the event.

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