Retekess TT124 2-Way Tour Guide System Receiver

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This receiver can only be used with the TT124 transmitter

One-way talk mode and two-way intercom mode can be switched at will

Receiver can work for 12 hours when fully charged

Receiver adjustable volume from 1 to 9

Lightweight and portable

Large LED display

13 channels available

Easy to use

Two-way interactive mode and one-way mode can be switched

When the presenter wants the audience to focus on what he or she is saying, he or she can use the one-way explanation mode; when both parties need to interact, the presenter can switch to the two-way mode, and then the visitor can go down the SET button on the receiver or the call button on the headset to talk to the presenter (including all group members). The two communication modes can be switched at will to meet your diverse needs.

Easy to use

No experience or knowledge is required to use the TT124 wireless guided audio system. For the presenter, all he needs to do is to plug in a microphone or headset for the transmitter and receiver and pair them up. The guide does not have to spend valuable time instructing visitors on how to use the device, and the visitor just needs to adjust the volume according to his needs.

UHF Frequency Transmission

UHF has a more penetrating signal, strong anti-interference ability, and more stable signal, which can minimize the noise, so your team can hear every word of the presenter and enjoy the crystal clear sound even in a noisy or long-distance situation.

Lock function

TT124 two-way tour guide system can lock the device by pressing the lock button so that both the guide and the guided can do physical movements at will without worrying about mistakenly touching the button and affecting the normal progress of the activity.

Portable wireless receiver

The receiver is lightweight and compact, weighing only 72 grams, which means that one person can easily carry all the equipment used by a group anywhere.

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TT124 receiver(vice transmitter):

requency Range:746MHz~823MHz
hannel Number:23CH
Supply Voltage:3.0-5.0VDC
Audio Input:3.5mm line
Oscillator:All digital
Frequency Response:20Hz-16KHz
Image Rejection:>80dB
Image& Spurious Rejection :>75dB
Channel Spacing:1MHz
Receiver Sensitivity:-100dBm(Typical)
Working currency:50mA
Furthest Distance:280Meter

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