Retekess TT105 Whisper Tour Guide 2 Transmitters 38 Receivers with 40 Port Charging Case

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4GHz signal works worldwide

The two transmitters can communicate in two ways.

The neck-mounted microphone pickup is better and noiseless

Add as many receivers as you require

A portable charging case can charge up to 40 devices simultaneously

Whisper systems are used for tourl and tourism, museum and exhibition narration, lectures and training.

This whisper tour guide package contains 2 transmitters, 38 receivers, a portable charging case capable of charging 40 units simultaneously, as well as headphones, microphones, lanyards and other accessories.

Dual transmitter

TT105 two-way audio guide system supports two transmitters working in the same group, the receiver can also hear what they say between them, and the two tour leaders coordinate to make the work more efficient.

AUX function of TT105 tour guide system

AUX function

The microphone jack is also an AUX jack, so the transmitter can use an additional AUX cable to connect to a computer, radio, MP3, and other audio sources for playback, which will make your tour more informative and memorable.

50 channels

With up to 50 channels, it allows 50 teams to work simultaneously in one area. You can create different teams in the factory warehouse, workshop or QC department, create multiple translation teams in the church based on different languages.

Volume adjustment

The transmitter has 5 levels of volume and the receiver with 10 levels of volume, so you can listen to the narration comfortably even in noisy attraction.

Portable charging case

The matching portable charging case can simultaneously charge 2 transmitters and 38 receivers, and also accommodates all accessories. The pulley design of the charging case eliminates the trouble of manually carrying heavy equipment, making it very user-friendly.

Transmitting distance

The open-air transmission range of the whisper tour guide is 150 meters, and the primary and secondary transmitters can communicate freely within 100 meters.Teams with a large number of participants and a wide range of activities can also choose it with confidence.

Add receivers

If your tour group expands or your training audience grows, you can add as many receivers as you want to accommodate your business. Just set the newly added receivers to the same channel as the transmitter.

Easy to use

whisper tour guide is easy to operate , so that your travel or exhibition will not be delayed by cumbersome operations.

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Frequency range




50 channels

50 channels

Power supply

Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery

Working time

About 10 hours

About 12 hours

Working distance

150 meters (open-air)

150 meters (open-air)


84 x 49 x 19mm





Output power


Retekess TT105 40-Port Charging Case

Input: AC110-220V, 50/60Hz

Output: DC 5V, 16A

Size: 425 x320x 183mm

Weight: 4800g

Package Includes:

1 x Main transmitter

1 x Vice transmitter

38 x Receiver

2 x Microphone

38x Single earphone

40 x Charging cable

40 x Lanyard

1x 40 port charging case

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