Retekess TT105 Two-way Whisper Tour Guide with Charging Case for Travel

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The 2.4GHz band is free to use worldwide

Supports two-way communication between two transmitters

Sync all transmitters with one click

Equipped with durable and sturdy portable charging case

Simple and intimate operation

50 channels

This tour guide system package includes 2 transmitters, 30 receivers, a 32-port charging case and corresponding accessories.

Support dual transmitter

TT105 whisper tour guide allows two transmitters to speak simultaneously. And the two tour guides can communicate in a two-way direction, which makes their collaboration more organized and convenient.

tour radios

With portable charging case

The portable charging case can charge 2 transmitters and 30 receivers at the same time, and can also accommodate all accessories such as microphones, headphones, lanyards, etc., which is very user-friendly.

Volume adjustment

The transmitter volume can be adjusted to 5 levels, and the receiver volume has 10 levels, so even the hearing-impaired can hear the guide's whisper in a noisy environment.

Free hands

The transmitter is equipped with a neck-mounted microphone, which has better pickup effect, less noise and high sound quality.Your tourists can listen to your explanation in comfort and pleasure.

TT105 whisper tour guide

Transmitting distance

The transmission distance of the whisper tour guideis 150 meters in the open air, and the transmission distance between the main and secondary transmitters is 100 meters.This means that tourists have enough space to move freely.

Add receivers

There are kit receivers sold separately, and if your number of tourists grows, you can add more receivers as needed.

50 channels

The whisper system has 50 channels, and 50 groups can use this guide audio device simultaneously in the same area.

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Frequency range




50 channels

50 channels

Power supply

Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery

Working time

About 10 hours

About 12 hours

Working distance

150 meters (open-air)

150 meters (open-air)


84 x 49 x 19mm





Output power


Retekess TT105 32-Port Charging Case

Input: AC110-220V, 50/60Hz

Output: DC 5V, 16A

Size: 425 x320x 183mm

Weight: 4800g

Package Includes:

1 x Main transmitter

1 x Vice transmitter

30 x Receiver

2 x Microphone

30x Single earphone

32 x Charging cable

32 x Lanyard

1x 32 port charging case

Q:Does the transmitter have a mute function?

A:No, it doesn't have a mute function.

Q:What kind of batteries are used in the receiver and transmitter? Are they rechargeable?

A:The transmitter and receiver are built-in lithium batteries that can be recharged repeatedly but cannot be removed. You can charge them with the charging cable or charging case included in the package.

Q:Can the receiver connect to stereo headphones instead of the matching mono earbuds?

A:Of course you can, but you have to make sure your stereo headphones are 3.5mm jacks and fit into the headphone jack of these receivers.

Q:Is there a delay in the sound delivered from the transmitter to the receiver?

A:There is no sound delay and you can hear the sound in real time.

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