Retekess TT101/TT102 Audio Guide System with Long Working Hours with 40-slot Charging Case

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Long runtime of 20h-40h

Support one key to mute

Receiver has ten levels of volume

Stylish and elegant appearance

99 channels allow 99 groups using together in the same area

Portable charging storage case makes taking guide systems anywhere easy

This audio guide system includes 2 transmitters, 38 receivers, 1 portable charging case that can charge 40 devices simultaneously, and headphones, microphones, lanyards and other accessories.

Long standby time 

The transmitter can run continuously for 20 hours and the receiver can run continuously for 40 hours. No matter how long the trip or lecture takes, you don't have to fear that the device will run out of battery and affect the event experience.

AUX jack allows connection to audio devices

The microphone jack also serves as an AUX jack, so the transmitter can use AUX cables to link to computers, radios, MP3s and other audio sources for playback. I have to say it's so practical to have some soft music during a visitor's break or to play instructional audio files during a training session!

One click mute

Not all words want to be delivered to the audience, click the power button to turn on the mute function, the listeners will not hear. Click the power button again to resume, this operation is very simple.

Turn off all receivers with one click

After the event, tired tour guides must not want to turn off the receivers one by one, especially if there are many receivers. One click to turn off the transmitters save you time and increase efficiency.

One-click pairing

When you have a large number of listeners, manual pairing one by one can be cumbersome. One-click matching can solve this problem perfectly, it only takes 3 seconds.

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Frequency Range

195 – 230 MHz 

 195 – 230 MHz








Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery

Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery

Transmitter Working Time

About 20 hours 

About 40 hours

Frequency response:



Degree of distortion

 < 0.2% 


Noise-signal ratio






Charging time

5-6 hours

5-6 hours

Radio-frequency technique

PLL synthesis

PLL synthesis

Retekess TT101 40-Port Charging Case

Input : AC 110V—240V 50Hz

Output: DC 5V, 20A

Size: 454 x 410 x 183mm

Weight: 7700g


Package includes:

2 x TT101 Transmitter

2 x Microphone

40 x Lanyard

40 x User manual

38 x TT102 

38 x headset

40 x USB charging cable

Q:Can this receiver be used with the T130 transmitter?

A:Unfortunately, Retekess TT102 receiver can only be used with the transmitter of the Retekess TT101.If you need a receiver that can be used with the T130 transmitter, you can choose the Retekess T131 receiver.

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