Retekess TR510 stationary FM Transmitter and PR13 FM Radio Receiver with Headset

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This FM listening system is a smart choice for churches, conferences, schools, and other large-range venues.

The transmitter can be preset with 3 stations and the receiver can be preset with 5 stations

Select mono and stereo as needed

PR13 FM receiver with locking key and headphones

4 types of input U disk / Bluetooth / Aux / Mic

Adding Input Modes

The FM radio transmitter adds Bluetooth (range over 10m), USB stick and 2 Mic Jacks input options, making the FM transmitter even more useful.

Volume adjustment

TR510 stationary FM transmitter can adjust the volume of input audio and microphone. Alternatively, listeners can adjust the volume of the PR13 FM receiver they are wearing.

Three-stage output power

The long-range FM transmitter supports 3 levels of output power (1W/3W/5W), so you can choose the right output power according to the size of the range you want to cover, with a transmission range of up to 1000 meters at maximum output power.

Quick pairing

Set the frequency of the transmitter first, then set the TR101 receiver to the same channel for successful pairing.

Stable signal

FM transmitter adopts the latest QN8007 chip, it has more stable signal, less noise, and anti-frequency interference, anti-eavesdropping, and improve the security of group conversation.

Other advantages:

Support dual microphone

Transmitter can be set to play audio sequentially or cyclically

FM radio stations are compatible with all portable FM radios and car radios

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The Specification of TR510 Transmitter

Working voltage: DC 12V±10%, 1A

Frequency response:≤±1.5dB(100Hz~10KHz)

Audio input level: 0dBm/600Ω(unbalanced)

Frequency error:≤1KHz

RDS encoding method: DPSK

RDS subcarrier frequency: 57KHz±6Hz

Maximum frequency deviation:±75KHz

RDS frequency deviation:± 2.4KHz

Pre-emphasis: 50μS/70μS

Audio output amplitude: 2000mVpp

Audio total harmonic distortion:≤1%

Playable Audio format: MP3、WAV、APE、WMA

Signal-to-noise ratio:≥55dB

Working temperature:-25℃~+45℃

Residual wave radiation:<60dB 

Antenna Type: SMA

The Specification of PR13 Radio Receiver

Signal to noise ratio: 45db

Stereo separation: 32dB

Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

Earphone jack: 3.5mm

Tuning increase: 0.1MHz

Built-in speaker: No

Dimension:3.6 x 2.1x 0.6in

Weight: 40g / 0.09lb

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