Retekess TR508 FM Radio Transmitter Broadcast Station with TR101 Headsets for Silent Conference

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Suitable for silent conference, church parking lot broadcasting

PLL technology reduces noise and outputs original sound

Volume can be adjusted for microphone and audio device input

Transmission range up to 300 meters in open areas

Rugged aluminum alloy shell

Excellent stereo sound

Blue LCD display

One-to-many mode

Transmission from one transmitter to multiple receivers, signal stability, anti-crosstalk, anti-interference, high security and confidentiality.

PLL technology

FM radio broadcast station use PLL technology to reduce noise, output the original sound, the receiver can listen to the maximum degree of clear sound.

Transmission distance

In the open outdoors, FM transmitter up to 300 meters, your listeners in the range of 300 meters from the transmitter can listen clearly.

Audio Playback

TR508 FM radio supports connecting microphone, also supports connecting audio devices such as cell phone, MP3, computer, ipad, etc. with AUX cable and converting it to high fidelity stereo sound to deliver to listeners.

24/7 uninterrupted operation

By connecting the FM transmitter and power supply with the power cable, the FM transmitting radio can achieve uninterrupted operation.

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TR508 FM Transmitter Specification

Working: voltage11~13V DC (Rated voltage 12 v)

Working current<300mA

Frequency stability:±10PPM

Frequency Step:100KHZ

The operating temperature of the environment -10℃~50℃

output impedance: 50Ω

Harmonic and noise radiation: ≤-60dB

Audio distortion: <0.30%

Frequency response: 20HZ~15000HZ

Preemphasis delay: 50us

degree of separation:≥40 dB

input level:≤-10 dBV

Modulation frequency deviation: ±75KHZ

SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio)≥65 dB

Machine Size:113mm;W:88mm;H:39mm

Machine weight: 269g

TR101 Headphone FM Radio Receiver



Signal to noise ratio


Stereo degree of separation





187g / 0.4lb

Power supply

2 x AA batteries (not included)

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