Retekess TR506 Tour Guide Systems Portable FM Transmitter

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Support microphone and audio input

10 levels of output volume adjustment

Four levels of output power can be selected

One key lock and one key unlock

Stereo and mono can be switched quickly

PLL Technology

The TR506 portable FM transmitter uses PLL digital technology for more stable signals and less noise.

Working Range

The FM transmitter has 4 levels of output power, with different ranges at different output powers. The maximum range is up to 400 meters in open areas, which is suitable for many occasions.

Pocket size

The FM wireless transmitter weighs about 67 grams, so you can even put it in your pocket. Not only is it more comfortable to use, it is also easy to carry.

LED screen

The high-contrast display shows the frequency, signal and other information, which is convenient for you to operate it.

Audio Input

Support microphone input and external audio device input, you only need to use AUX cable to connect the transmitter and MP3, smartphones, computers, and other devices, as the receiver of the radio can hear the high-fidelity lossless audio coming from these devices.

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Model Number: TR506

Power supply: BL-5C Li-ion Battery 3.7V 1000mAh

Frequency stability: ±10PPM

Stepped - Frequency: 100KHz

Charging time: About 5 hours

charging voltage: 5V

Stray and Harmonic Radiation:≤-30dB

Audio distortion:≤0.2%

Input level:≤-15 dBV

Modulation frequency offset: ±75KHZ

SRN: ≥60 dB

Host Size: 82*60*22mm (No salient part)

Machine weight: About 67 grams (without batteries)

FM antenna: Anti-screw direction

Car charger: With IC protection

Lavaliere microphone: Stereo, gold plating,1.2 meters with shielding function.

Audio cable: 3.5 male to male

USB cable: USB to T port (MINI)

Package Includes:

1 X TR506 Transmitter
1 X FM antenna
1 X Li-on battery
1 X Car charger
1 X Lavaliere microphone
1 X Audio cable
1 X USB cable

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