Retekess T130 Audio Guide Systems 64 Ports Solution

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T130 whisper listening devices is used for simultaneous interpretation and travel.

Countless additional receivers can be added if you need

Lightweight and compact, easy to carry

More than 12 hours of battery life

Crystal sound quality

Easy to operate

This package includes 4 transmitters, 60 receivers, and a portable charging case that can simultaneously charge these audio guide systemss. In addition, each device comes with accessories such as headphones or microphones, lanyards, and charging cables.

If this package does not meet your expectations, please contact us to customize a audio guide systems solution that meets your needs.

This guide system is our best selling product because it is cost-effective.

Matching portable charging case

This charging case can charge 4 transmitters and 60 receivers at the same time. Moreover, all the audio guide systemss and accessories are placed in the charging case, which not only makes the storage more orderly, but also makes it easier to carry.

Beautiful and lightweight device

The color of the audio guide systems is a classic black and white color, and no one will reject its appearance. Also, the weight and size of the transmitter and receiver are lightweight.

Crystal clear sound

Within the transmission range of the T130 within 30-50 meters, the signal of this audio guide systems is strong, and the received sound is also coherent and clear.

long battery life

The transmitter can be used continuously for 12 hours when fully charged, and the receiver can be used continuously for 18 hours when fully charged, which is enough for you to use it for a whole day.

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Retekess T130 Audio Transmitter

Frequency range: 195-230MHz

Channel: 99channels

Frequency response: 50Hz-18000Hz

Frequency stability: +/-0.005%

Modulation deviation: +/-75KHz

Power supply: Built-in 900mAh lithium battery

Working hours: 12 hours

Charge: DC 5V 1A, mini USB jack

Working distance: 60m (196ft)

Size: 99 x 56 x 14mm / 3.9 x 2.2 x 0.5 in

Weight: 58g / 0.13lb

Retekess T131 Audio Receiver

Frequency range: 195-230MHz

Channel: 99 channels

Frequency response: 50Hz-18000Hz

Power supply: Built-in 600mAhlithium battery

Working hours: 18 hours

Charge: DC 5V 1A, mini USB jack

Size: 72 x 42 x 12mm / 2.8 x 1.6 x 0.5 in

Weight: 45g / 0.1lb

64-slot charging box

Input : AC110-220V, 50/60Hz

Output: DC 5V, 7A

Size: 575 x290 x 140mm

Weight: 4220g

Q:How many receivers can be added to one transmitter?

A:An infinite number of receivers can be added as long as they are on the same channel.

Q:How do the additional receivers charge?

A:It is recommended that you use the tt006 portable charging case, which can charge 4 T130 transmitters and 60T131 receivers at the same time. Or use the tt001 portable charging case, which can charge 2 T130 transmitters and 30 T131 receivers at the same time

Q:Can the receiver be plugged into its own earphones?

A:As long as your headphone jack is 3.5mm and it matches the jack type it will work.

Q:Do these devices have to be matched every time they are used? or will they stay in sync.

A:The transmitter and receiver do not have to be matched for every use. They are powered off under the same channel and do not need to be matched again when powered on.

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