Earn 3% Referral Cash

Unlock Limitless Earnings

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Earn 3% Referral Cash

Unlock Limitless Earnings

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Getting Started is Super Easy

3% Commission for You, Extra Accessories for Your Friends

1.log in to your retekess account.

2.Get a referral code.

3.Share your referral code with friends.

4.When your friend places a successful order and notes the referral code in the order, you get 3% commission and your friends get extra accessories!

Get a Referral Code

Terms & Conditions

Participation requirements

1. Anyone registered at Retekess.com can refer a friend.

2. Self-referrals are not allowed. The referrer and the referrer cannot be the same (including using the same email address, IP address, or browser session).

Program Rules

1. For each new customer (who has not placed an order on the Retekess website) referred by the Referrer, 3% of the amount of the order will be returned to the Referrer.

2. When a referred person places an order through a referrer, a disposable headset in the same quantity as the purchased receiver will be included and sent with the order.

3. If the recommended person purchases TT106 or TT112 and does not need disposable earphones, we will replace the disposable earphones with a headset microphone.

Qualified Referrals

For a referral to be considered valid, the following criteria must be met:

1. the referee must have made the purchase on Retekess.com.

2. The referee must note the referee's unique code when placing the order.

3. Retekess will review the submitted order within 15 days. Only orders that comply with the above rules and have not been returned will be validated. Once the referred purchase has been verified, you will receive a cash reward.

Referral Rewards

1. Increase your earnings by inviting more friends to join.

2. Each referral can only use one referral code. If the referrer notes more than one referral code, the referrer of the first referral code noted by the referrer will be rewarded.

3. Your 3% referral rebate applies only to the purchase price of the product and does not include taxes, shipping, or any additional fees.

How to redeem your Reward

Retekess will review the submitted order within 15 days and after verifying the recommended purchase, we will credit your account immediately.

Termination and Changes

1. Retekess retains the right to suspend or terminate the referral program or a user's participation at any time and for any reason.

2. Should Retekess identify any activity it deems abusive, fraudulent, or Terms of Service violations, accounts may be suspended, and rewards may be revoked.

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