Why Use Tour Guide Radio System?

Why Use Tour Guide Radio System?

Why Use Tour Guide Radio System?

The tour guide radio system is a portable wireless communication system that is a better way for tour groups to provide excellent and comfortable travel.

What is a tour guide system?

It is a mobile radio system, about the size of a cell phone. The voice of the tour guide is transmitted through a transmitter to a receiver that receives the audio signal, and visitors can hear the audio through the receiver's headphones.

A guided tour audio system typically consists of the following components.

Transmitter - the guide needs it to let others hear his or her voice. Simply speak into the microphone and the sound is transmitted in real-time to the visitor's headset or headphones.

Receiver - used to receive the sound from the transmitter, some receivers are headphones themselves and can be worn directly on the ear; some require an external pair of headphones for listening. Listening does not need to be held in your hand all the time, you can use the included lanyard to hang it around your neck or put it in your pocket.

Microphones - Microphones are available as lavalier microphones and headset microphones, and they are usually provided as accessories for transmitters.

Headphones - Microphones are available in both monaural and headphones, and they are usually supplied together as accessories for receivers.

Charging case and carry case - Since the device is portable, it relies on rechargeable batteries. A portable charging case ensures that the device always has the battery life it needs to operate. The carrying case storage box serves as a way to transport the tour guide system and is a great addition to take on the go.

Why use a Retekess tour guide radio system?

First, the biggest advantage of a wireless communication system is that it facilitates the tour guide's work, protects the health of the guide's vocal cords, and saves time. Tour guides no longer have to wait for the group to gather in order to tell them about the attraction, and they don't have to shout.

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Second, tour groups sometimes need to visit places that must be kept quiet, such as churches, museums, or places of worship, where loud talking is prohibited, and the tourist guide system allows the guide to speak at a normal volume or even whisper.

Third, visitors can hear the guide's voice even from a great distance. Some receivers even allow tourists to move about 200 meters away from the transmitter (such as the TT112-TT111 tour guide system), which makes sightseeing more comfortable and allows visitors to take more pictures of their favorite places without delaying their trip.

Fourth, in addition to MIC input, the tour guide radio system also supports AUX input, so the tour guide can connect to smartphones, MP3 players, computers, and other audio devices, and then play voice files, increasing the form of the tour guide explaining the attractions.

Points to consider before buying a tour guide radio system

One-way or two-way: Usually, the one-way system is mainly used for large group tours, and the two-way system is mainly used for small group tours that require interaction.

Operating range: Having a transmitter that can only work over a short distance can limit the tour because the distance between you and the visitor has to be kept within that range.

Standby time: Low battery power of the wireless system will limit the time of the tour group visit, and the power failure of the equipment in the middle of the tour will definitely affect the visitors' tour experience.

If you have any questions about our tour guide system or are unsure which device is best for your group of people, just send an email to support@retekess.com, and our professional customer service team will patiently answer any questions you may have.

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