Why do Need Translation Equipment for Your Event?

Why do Need Translation Equipment for Your Event?

Why do Need Translation Equipment for Your Event?

The translation equipment consists of some transmitters and receivers. The active speaker speaks with the transmitter, and the translators receive his messages from the receivers, while translating these messages into a language that the audience can understand, and then transmitting them to the audience. Maybe you see this and still don't know much about how the translation equipment works, then you can refer to the figure below.

How retekess translation equipment works

From this picture, you can see that the number of interpreters you need to hire depends on how many different kinds of audiences your event has that speak a different language than the speaker.

Translation equipment ensures effective message reception

In fact, a church translation system can be used not only in churches, courtrooms or conferences, it can be used in all situations where there is a multilingual audience, such as schools, factories, lectures, etc. In the context of globalization, it is not uncommon for events to have audiences from all over the world. There is no guarantee that all of the audience will understand English, and even then, there is no guarantee that the language of the event's speakers will necessarily be common English. Therefore, whenever your event has participants in more than one language, a portable simultaneous interpretation system has to be used in order to ensure effective reception of the information by the participants and to ensure the best possible outcome of the event.

Helping listeners with hearing loss

Retekess interpreting systems have receivers with 10 levels of volume adjustment, so people with hearing loss or elderly people can freely turn up the listening volume, which helps them to concentrate and enjoy the event content more comfortably.

 In addition, you need to consider the following aspects related to the interpretation system before selecting and purchasing the interpretation equipment

  1. How big is your event venue? Is it a conference room, a church, or outdoors? This relates to the transmitting distance of the interpreting equipment.
  2. How long do you expect it to last? This relates to the standby time of the translation device
  3. How many different languages are in your audience? This determines the number of transmitters you need to purchase
  4. Do you have any other feature requests for a wireless translation device?

 Retekess has a professional customer service team, they will provide you with the most informed advice according to your needs, just send an email to info@retekess.com to get in touch. Plus, all of our translation systems come with a 30-day no-questions-asked return and 2-year warranty, so you can rest assured.

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