What kind of tour audio system do tourists like?

What kind of tour audio system do tourists like?

What kind of tour audio system do tourists like?

A tour audio system consists of a transmitter with a microphone and a receiver with headphones. The tour guide speaks into the microphone and the tourists can hear the tour guide clearly through the headphones so that their communication is not hindered even when they are in a noisy environment or at a distance. In fact, there are more and more travel agencies or individual tour guides using tour guide systems to guide tourists. So does the wireless tour guide system chosen by the tour guides meet the tourists' expectations? You can refer to the following contents.

Crystal clear sound without noise

This is the most basic expectation of tourists for the tour audio system. If there is often static or noise in the background when tourists are listening to the commentary, this will largely ruin the tourists' experience, and I think this should not be the situation that travel agencies would like to see.

Easy and comfortable to wear

Any tool should be convenient and comfortable for the user, and the Retekess tour guide system is no exception, our product is not only lightweight but also does not need to be installed, the guide can just plug the device into the headset or microphone and adjust to the same channel. In other words, tourists just need to put the lanyard of the tour guide system on their neck and put on the headset.

Long transmitting distance

The long operating range of the tour audio system means that tourists have a larger area to move around, they don't have to gather around the guide, and they can move freely within the coverage area of the transmitter and stop at their favorite places. In contrast, a guided tour system with a short transmitting distance does not allow tourists to enjoy their tour as they wish, especially if there are many tourists and they have to crowd around the guide, which is too bad for the tourists.

Freedom to adjust the volume

Among the tourists, there may be elderly people, people with hearing impairment who need higher volume, and people who are sensitive to sound need lower volume. So how to meet the needs of all? A receiver that can freely adjust the volume can do just that. Tourists can adjust it according to their preferences. Moreover, tourists can use different volumes for noisy or quiet attractions.

An excellent tour guide system not only facilitates the work of tour guides, but also provides comfort and pleasure to tourists. If you don't know what kind of tour guide audio system to choose, please email us at info@retekess.com, we have a professional customer service team to serve you.

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