Cost-effective T130 Wireless Tour Guide Audio System

Cost-effective T130 Wireless Tour Guide Audio System

Cost-effective T130 Wireless Tour Guide Audio System

I have to say that Retekess T130 tour guide system is one of the hottest selling models of all wireless tour guide audio system,and many of our customers love it. If you want to spend less money, and get better results, then you can take a look at the following introduction about it.

Features of T130 wireless tour guide audio system

Long standby time: the transmitter with a built-in 900mAh lithium battery can work for 12h, and the receiver with a built-in 600mAh lithium battery can work for 18h.

Lightweight and pocket-sized: 58g for the transmitter and 45g for the receiver. It is more convenient to carry and more comfortable to wear than heavy devices.

Automatic pairing: all receivers can be synchronized with the transmitter's channel within 5 seconds, saving you the time you don't have to waste.

Support AUX input: The transmitter's microphone port can also be used as an AUX port. Connect the transmitter to external audio devices such as computers, MP3s, radios, etc. with a 3.5mm audio cable, and the receiver will be able to hear music or other voice files coming from these devices.

User-friendly accessories: The transmitter has a lavalier microphone, and the receiver has a monaural headset, both of which are very comfortable and secure to wear. Each device comes with a lanyard for wearing around the neck, which not only frees up your hands but also prevents the device from falling out.

Application scenarios of T130 wireless tour guide audio system

  1. Group tour

The outdoor tour environment is noisy, and the tour guide and tourists are far away. Then the tour guide can explain through the transmitter, and the tourists listen through the receiver with pleasure, during which the tourists can freely adjust the volume. Indoor museum or gallery tours do not allow the tour group to make too much noise, the guide can whisper into the microphone, and his tourists do not have to gather around him to hear clearly.

  1. Simultaneous interpretation

In fact, many of our clients use the T130 tour guide system as an interpreter device at international conferences, churches, or courtrooms. By the way, the T130 tour guide system has built-in phase-locked loop technology, which automatically avoids interference from other frequencies and ensures clearer voice transmission for both the speaker and the interpreter.

  1. Factory Tour

Talking next to roaring machines is not an easy task, and the noisy and harsh sounds in the factory can easily drown out narrator's voice. With the T130 wireless tour guide system, the presenter only needs to speak at a normal volume and the audience can hear the crystal clear sound. t130 has many combinations, you can choose the right combination according to the size of your group.

 T130 is relatively simple in function design, it does not have a key to turn off all receiver and transmitter mute functions, if you need a tour guide system with these two functions, or have more needs, You can email to, we have a professional customer service team for your consultation.

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