Retekess Two Way Tour Guide System

Retekess Two Way Tour Guide System

Retekess Two Way Tour Guide System

TT124 two way tour guide system is a new product developed by Retekess for the new market demand, in addition to supporting transmitter to receiver transmission, the receiver can also easily convey information to the transmitter, the listener only needs to press the SET button on the headset or call button to talk to all group members including the transmitter. TT124 two-way tour guide system solves the one-way wireless tour guide system's Defects: One-way system can only explain one side, the other side passive listening, lack of interaction, listeners can not be in their own questions in a timely manner, the narrator can not quickly understand the situation of the listener. We need to improve this situation with the two way tour guide system to make the event more perfect and successful.

Features of the TT124 2 way tour guide system

  1. Easy to use: All the functions are simple and convenient to operate, with no tedious steps, and no experience is needed to use them.
  2. Crystal clear sound: high fidelity sound quality makes every word of communication can be heard clearly without background noise and static.
  3. Long range two way audio guide system: transmitter and receiver use distance when up to 200 meters or more, even if there are many small members, they do not have to be crowded together.
  4. Feature-rich: support one-way explanation and two-way mutual speech mode switching, to meet your diverse needs; support screen lock function, you can do as you like, do not have to worry about accidentally touching the button; 10-level volume adjustment range allows listeners to freely adjust.
  5. The number of receivers is not limited: the transmitter can be paired with countless receivers and used together.

Applications of TT124 two way tour guide system

  1. Plant tours

When the tour guide introduces various aspects of the factory to the tour group, he can use the one-way mode to transmit information to the audience, which can avoid many people competing for questions and delaying the tour process. After the presentation is finished, he can switch to two-way mode, then the audience can press the call button to interact with the speaker.

  1. Group tour

There is no doubt that travel agencies should give top priority to tourist satisfaction, so it is a wise choice for them to use the TT124 guided tour program. If a tourist has any questions about the places of interest in front of him, he can ask the guide in time and get a quick response. The guide also does not have to transmit information unilaterally, which is boring, he can interact with the visitor in real time to attract his attention and improve his experience.

  1. Training and teaching

In scenarios such as equestrian training, staff training, and conference lectures, the TT124 2 way tour guide system allows the listener to transmit information to the presenter, and the information he transmits can be heard by all group members, not just the presenter, then the presenter does not need to reply to the same question multiple times, and it also creates a teaching atmosphere where group members interact together.

In fact, its application scenarios are much more than these, in all occasions that require wireless communication between two parties at a distance, the TT124 two-way guided tour audio system can play no small role.

If you are interested in it, or have any questions, please feel free to contact, we have a customer service team to provide you with professional advice.

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