How Retekess Simultaneous Interpretation System works

How Retekess Simultaneous Interpretation System works

How Retekess Simultaneous Interpretation System works

Retekess simultaneous interpretation system are widely used for church interpreting, courtroom interpreting or interpreting in international conferences. In these situations, they need to communicate without barriers with the help of an interpretation system in order to achieve the best possible results for the event. In fact, we often receive inquiries from our clients on how to use the interpretation equipment, so I will explain it in detail next.

How transmitters and receivers work as an interpretation system

Let's take a church interpreter as an example, if the pastor speaks English but the audience is from the US, China, Spain and France. In this case, we need 3 interpreters, a Chinese interpreter, a Spanish interpreter and a French interpreter. They listen to the pastor's voice through the receiver while translating the words and transmitting them to the corresponding listeners through the transmitter. Since the American believers speak the same language as the pastor, they do not need to go through the interpreters in order to pass the message between them. So, the transmitter of the pastor and the receiver of the American believer are simply set directly on the same channel.


  1. Retekess simultaneous interpretation system is not a digital translator and requires the participation of an interpreter.
  2. The transmitter of the pastor and the receiver of the interpreter need to stay on the same channel, and the transmitter of the interpreter needs to stay on the same channel with the receiver of the corresponding audience.

How to choose a simultaneous interpretation system?

There are many application scenarios for interpretation systems, but no matter what your specific use is, please pay attention to the following two points when choosing a simultaneous interpretation system

  1. The sound is crystal clear and free of noise. Static and noise can affect the accuracy of the interpreter's listening to a certain extent and may lead to the transmission of wrong information.
  2. Many channels. Based on the above, you should know that the more languages the audience speaks, the more groups need to be created, which requires the translation equipment to have enough channels to use.

Retekess interpretation system meet both of these points and more, and they won't let you down. If you are not sure how to choose the right one, please email at, we have a professional customer service team to provide you with advice.

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