First Time Using the Wireless Audio Tour Guide System?

First Time Using the Wireless Audio Tour Guide System?

First Time Using the Wireless Audio Tour Guide System?

It is already common for group tours to use tour guide equipment in modern. What are your impressions about the wireless audio tour guide system?

Do you remember the first time you used the wireless audio tour guide system?

The first time I used the tour guide equipment was when I was in my second year of college. At that time, my part-time job was working as a tour guide at the Longmen Grottoes scenic spot in Luoyang. The first thing I had to do after passing the tour guide test in the scenic area was to learn how to use the tour guide system. How to turn it on and off, how to pair the transmitter and receiver, how to adjust the volume, etc. I needed to pair the receivers one by one and tune them to the same channel, which was very troublesome and I felt it was a waste of time. When serving tourists, sometimes I would hear other guides' voices. I knew that was the reason for the same frequency, my tourists and I need to keep our distance from the rest of the other groups. In retrospect, the communication range of that device was only about 20m.

What should I be aware of when using the wireless audio tour guide system?

It's an important thing for tour guides. No one wants to make the quality of the whole guided tour service drop significantly. According to personal experience, we need to pay attention to these aspects.

precautions for using the wireless audio tour guide system

First, make sure the transmitters and receivers are fully charged. The most prudent thing to do is to charge fully all transmitters and receivers.

Second, all receivers and transmitters are paired successfully. Pairing is completed 1 time, and do not modify it later.

Third, adjust the earpiece to the appropriate volume. You have to bring yourself to listen to the voice, to ensure that the sound quality is clear and the volume is appropriate.

Fourth, remember the official communication distance given. You need to test it yourself and tell the tourists when you are leading a tour to avoid them going too far to hear.

Fifth, have a convenient thing to accommodate the tour guide equipment. Now there are already storage cases and charging cases, light and portable, to reduce the fatigue of the guide.

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