Application of T130S tour guide audio system

Application of T130S tour guide audio system

Application of T130S tour guide audio system

The T130S tour guide audio system is our new cost-effective model, which is an upgrade to the popular T130 system. We have improved the range, standby time, and headphone accessories, and added the functions of supporting mic and aux input at the same time, one-touch mute, and one-touch off all receivers.

This wireless audio tour guide system is suitable for all situations where communication is impossible due to noise and distance, and it allows the tour leader or host to transmit his or her voice clearly to every audience.


T130S tour guide audio system improves the tour experience

Whether it's an indoor museum visit, a painting exhibition tour or an outdoor segway trip, or a hiking tour, this radio guide not only allows visitors to enjoy a more comfortable and excellent trip but also facilitates the guide to guide and manage the tour group. Tourists do not need to be close to the guide to listen to the attractions, they can stop at their favorite places to take pictures; the guide can also easily transmit instructions to its visitors without having to yell loudly.

T130S audio guide system assists factory tours

Factory tours can be used to review supplier qualifications or share best practices with partners. Senior management can also evaluate plant operations by taking a factory tour for a site visit. To achieve these results, plant visitors not only need to look closely with their eyes, but more importantly, visitors must easily hear what the presenter has to say.

Without the aid of a wireless communication system, it is difficult for the demonstrator's voice to overcome the noise and transmit it to each visitor. The T130S factory tour headset is a good solution to this problem at a low cost.

T130S wireless guide system for conference and training

In the past, PA equipment was often used in receptions, lectures, and large conferences. It is indeed cheaper, but the sound quality is noisy and unclear; the sound transmission range is limited, and often the last part of the audience can not hear the situation. Secondly, the presenter needs to wear bulky commentary equipment, which is often uncomfortable to use for a long time.

With the development of technology and equipment updates iterations, low-end loudspeaker interpretation has been gradually eliminated, replaced by a small and portable, clear sound, communication range far tour guide audio system.

In fact, the T130S tourist guide system is not only suitable for the above scenarios, but it also works well in classroom teaching, lectures, and simultaneous interpretation, and as I mentioned at the beginning, it is used for all situations where failure to communicate caused by noise and distance.

If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to email us at, and our professional sales consultants will be pleased to serve you.

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