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Tour Guide System

Overcome noise and distance issues to ensure the audience hears the message

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Retekess Tour Guide System

Comfortable Speak. With a wireless tour guide system from Retekess, your guide only needs to speak into the microphone with the transmitter and speech easily without raising the volume. It reduces the fatigue of the throat from the presenter, and does not produce loud shouting noise that affects the people around.

Crystal Clear Audio. With our superior voice tour guide systems, your tourists can hear clearly and understand what you are saying using an earpiece with the receiver. It brings a great immersive experience that increases tourist satisfaction throughout the trip.

Wireless Communication Equipment. The portable tour guide radio system from Retekess solves the problem of long distance and noise, strengthens the communication link between the speaker and the listener, and is widely used in tour groups, factory visits, church translations, company conferences, trade shows, outdoor teaching and equestrian training.

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Retekess Tour Guide System


Anywhere you want to be heard, the audio tour system can help you get your message across.

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